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Different from online meeting platforms such as Zoom, there are various interactive functions which make the online lesson fun and effective. In addition, having lessons online also frees parents from the hassle of picking their children up school.


Even before home-based learning became the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vaster Learning Online School has started before Covid-19, developing its own online learning platform since the beginning, which they believe is the future trend of learning. Vaster’s online learning platform is specially developed and designed for educational purposes.

Unique ‘Four Teachers System’ Assures Excellent Service

We place your child’s needs in education above everything else and make sure his needs are well taken care of. With its unique ‘Four Teachers System’, each student will be assigned three to four teachers to provide holistic guidance in the process of improving their results. This includes a teaching instructor who will teach the student, a form class teacher who monitors the student’s progress, a consultant who outlines an education pathway for the student, and a technician to ensure online lessons are conducted smoothly and effectively.


From the all-rounded supervision and help provided, students will be able to better grasp the language and improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills progressively.

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