Professional Cirriculum Set-up

A full set of curriculum teaching plans and multimedia material with MOE Chinese Experienced Teacher. Focus on inspiring students’ interest in learning Chinese.

This is what differentiates us from other schools. We find that most schools only emphasise on learning early and additional practice.


Pre-primary Preparation Course

Grade : K1, K2
Duration Per Lesson: 1.5 hours/week

  • Strong emphasis on Pinyin teaching, building up a solid fundation listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • Specially crafted teaching materials, learning Chinese is always full of fun.
  • Pre-Learning P1 core vocabs, help students well prepared for P1 Chinese.
  • Lesson plan developed by fomer MOE Chinese Experienced Teachers.

Primary School Course

Grade : From Primary 1 to Primary 6
Duration Per Lesson: P1-P2: 1.5 hours, P3-P6: 2 hours

    1. Foundation Reinforcement Course

  • Based on MOE's Primary School Chinese syllabus.
  • Lesson plan developed by fomer MOE Chinese Experienced Teachers.
  • Includes the teaching of comprehension of words and sentences.
  • Through intensive training in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Students can master the correct learning methods, ncrease their vocabulary, improve their comprehension ability and answering skills.
  • This helps students obtain better grades in exams through flexible application of their knowledge.

  • 2. Composition Enhancement Course

  • Specially crafted teaching materials, follow lastest MOE syllabu.
  • Wrie better composition with good stroyine and structure that will improve your writing score.
  • Master the skills of planning and writing for A* composition.

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