1. No improvement, Full Refund of Tuition Fee!

No Improvement, get full refund of tuition fees? Yes, you read it right!

Perhaps Vaster Learning is the only educational institution in Singapore this able to commit to such unprecedented and the only educational institution which is able to commit to such an attractive promise. This has attracted the attenton of parents.


Mr.Gao Zhengkun the Executive Director of Vaster Learning, shared his opinion: “This unprecedented promise of result assurance is made because we are confident in our teachers, proven teaching materials and teaching methods. Our curriculum closely follows the MOE syllabus and is developed by experienced teachers with former MOE teaching background.”

“We are not worried to commit to a refund if students fail to achieve results. Parents and students spend money and time with us. If we fail to help students improve their results, we feel guilty.”

2. Quality Teachers to Inspire Interest in Learning

The classes are conducted in small groups and the curriculum closely follows the MOE syllabus to help students excel in their studies. They will guide students along and be with them on their learning journey to achieve desirable academic results.


More importantly, they will also take a step further to nurture and stimulate their interest in and passion for Chinese language so that learning the language is not deemed boring or uninteresting.

“We focus on inspiring students’ interest in learning Chinese. This is what differentiates us from other schools. We find that most schools only emphasise on learning early and additional practice. However, the lack of interest is the root of the problem which makes Chinese challenging or even scary for local students. The teachers we select must master various techniques in inspiring students’ interest”, Said Ms. Liu Huan, the HOD of Vaster Learning with 20 years of teaching experience.

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